16 mars 2020

News #05 | CelluWiz project website

#Celluwiz #MFCWetLamination #Chromatogeny #Packaging

The CelluWiz project website has been launched !

Learn more on the project here.



02 mars 2020

News #04 | First MFC Wet Lamination Trials @CTP

 #Celluwiz #WetLaminationProcess #Innovation #Packaging

First trials on the MFC wet lamination pilot machine ! Thank you Reinhard Leigraf @Voith for your help. You want to know more about MFC Wet lamination and the Celluwiz project ?

25 septembre 2019

News #03 | CelluWiz... What is next?

Today the website is opened to the partners and the public... A short video introducing the project will be release in December 2019. Moreover, CelluWiz is a 42 months project and two major disseminations of the results are already planned : 

  • A public Training Seminar on the technologies dedicated to researchers by mid 2022
  • A public Workshop dedicated to experts and players of the packaging value chain before the end 2022

13 juin 2019

News #02 | CTP’s Chromatogeny Pilot Plant

During the kick-off meeting, the CelluWiz Partners have visited the CTP’s chromatogeny pilot facilities in operation to produce the first samples of the project!


12 juin 2019

News #01 | CelluWiz, innovative technologies for new cellulosic products

The European project CelluWiz – “Process development for a recyclable and compostable all-cellulose multilayer material for packaging” – has just started. The kick-off meeting was held on June 12th and 13th, 2019 at the CTP in Grenoble.












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