01 septembre 2020

News #09 | Chromatogeny grafting trials

#Celluwiz #Chromatogeny #WaterResistance #Packaging

Chromatogeny grafting of MFC wet laminated boards are ongoing on the chromatogeny pilot machine at Centre Technique du Papier!

The objective is to confer water and water vapour resistance to the MFC laminated boards.

You want to know more about Chromatogeny and the Celluwiz project ?


21 juillet 2020

News #08 | CelluWiz first Newsletter

 #Celluwiz #Newsletter #MFCWetLamination #Chromatogeny

CelluWiz project has now been active for a year and first results are available. You can discover them in the first Newsletter, focused on the MFC wet lamination pilot machine, recyclability and biodegradability of the Celluwiz materials.

Stay tuned for more!


17 juin 2020

News #07 | CelluWiz 12months meeting

 #Celluwiz #OneYearMeeting #Innovation #EuropeanProject

The First Year Meeting of the CelluWiz European Project was held on June 3 and 4!

All the partners have gathered by teleconference to discuss about the first results and next steps regarding the production of high barrier all-cellulose packaging materials.

Great progresses have been made on the production of biobased, recyclable and biodegradable packaging using the two technologies: MFC wet lamination and chromatogeny grafting.

Next meeting will be at the end of the year 2020.


21 avril 2020

News #06 | CelluWiz work progress during Covid19 situation

#Celluwiz #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Staysafe

During this exceptional period, the CelluWiz team stays connected through video and teleconference meetings. The WP3 meeting successfully virtually took place in March, 20 and WP2 team will meet in April.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions (here) and above all, take good care of yourself and your family!


16 mars 2020

News #05 | CelluWiz project website

#Celluwiz #MFCWetLamination #Chromatogeny #Packaging

The CelluWiz project website has been launched !

Learn more on the project here.



02 mars 2020

News #04 | First MFC Wet Lamination Trials @CTP

 #Celluwiz #WetLaminationProcess #Innovation #Packaging

First trials on the MFC wet lamination pilot machine ! Thank you Reinhard Leigraf @Voith for your help. You want to know more about MFC Wet lamination and the Celluwiz project ?

25 septembre 2019

News #03 | CelluWiz... What is next?

Today the website is opened to the partners and the public... A short video introducing the project will be release in December 2019. Moreover, CelluWiz is a 42 months project and two major disseminations of the results are already planned : 

  • A public Training Seminar on the technologies dedicated to researchers by mid 2022
  • A public Workshop dedicated to experts and players of the packaging value chain before the end 2022

13 juin 2019

News #02 | CTP’s Chromatogeny Pilot Plant

During the kick-off meeting, the CelluWiz Partners have visited the CTP’s chromatogeny pilot facilities in operation to produce the first samples of the project!


12 juin 2019

News #01 | CelluWiz, innovative technologies for new cellulosic products

The European project CelluWiz – “Process development for a recyclable and compostable all-cellulose multilayer material for packaging” – has just started. The kick-off meeting was held on June 12th and 13th, 2019 at the CTP in Grenoble.












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