Main objectives of the project

CelluWiz aims at developing 2 technologies

 ŒThe MFC wet lamination process. This process assembles a layer of MicroFibrillated Celluloses (MFC) onto the carton board without the use of glue. The MFC layer is thin enough for being economically relevant and thick enough to get the barrier performance. In addition, the wet lamination process minimizes the amount of energy needed to dewater and dry the MFC layer decreasing further the operating costs. This process has been invented recently (2015) and is up to now developed at laboratory scale on dedicated manual equipment. CelluWiz will make possible to demonstrate the process at small pilot scale (TRL5).


Product Concept


The chromatogeny coating and grafting process. This process is an ultrafast and efficient solvent free chemical grafting able to turn cellulosic materials hydrophobic. This patented process has been developed up to industrial scale to graft porous papers with low grafting densities, but when applied as it exists now to MFC based materials, it leads to moderate performances. CelluWiz will make possible to re-think the chromatogeny coating and grafting process to reach ultrahigh grafting densities on dense MFC layers in order to create a micron like layer of pure cellulose ester which will bring water, liquids resistance, water vapour barrier without impairing the recyclabilityand biodegradability. The upgraded process will be operated at small pilot scale (TRL5). 

Process Product Concept


CelluWiz will combine these to two technologies to produce three proofs of conceptclamshells, cups and trays.

The proofs of concept performances will be at least equivalent to the market references and will also be biobased, recyclable in the paper value chain, biodegradable in compost and in marine environment.


CelluWiz will also demonstrate the environmental benefits of the developed solutions and their easy integration into the value chain, by performing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) with accurate and relevant data. 












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