Project structure

CelluWiz is structured around seven work packages (WP) to ensure that all the activities planned in the project are carried out in the best possible way, and that the objectives set at the beginning of the project are met.


The project management that will ensure the technical and timely delivery of all the project’s deliverables will be handled in WP1. The two key processes of the project MFC wet lamination and chromatogeny coating and grafting will be developed in WP2 and WP3 respectively. All the raw materials, standard or tailored board and MFC, will be produced in WP4. The proofs of concept will be designed and produced in WP5. Meanwhile, all economic and environmental impacts will be evaluated in WP6 with a peculiar attention paid to recyclability and biodegradability both in compost medium or in marine environment. Finally, all communication and disseminations activities, as well as scenarios for future exploitation of the project’s results, will be handled within WP7.












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